Sump Pump with Battery Backup – What You Need To Know

A sump pump is a great investment for your home, and to make sure this investment keeps working even when your power is out, you will need a battery backup for your sump pump. Sump pumps with battery backup are also helpful if your sump pump’s motor is overheating due to it having to work even harder because of flash floods.

Sump Pumps with Battery Backup

There are two types of sump pumps with battery backup.

  1. AC: This sump pump is better as a primary sump pump because it only uses battery power when the power goes out.
  2. DC: This sump pump is better as a backup because it only runs off battery power.

There are also two different types of batteries that can be used.

  1. Deep-cycle Marine: These batteries cost a bit more than others, however they are maintenance free.
  2. Acid: Batteries that contain acid need you to add water to them every so often.

Setting Up your Battery Backup

There are a couple ways you can set up your sump pump with battery backup. You can set it up so that it only comes on when the power goes out, or you can set it up by installing a float switch. A float switch allows your sump pump battery backup to turn on when water levels rise due to a large amount of rain from a sudden rainstorm, or rapidly melting snow.

Remember that your battery backup only lasts for a few hours. So to prevent flooding you may want to consider a generator. If you plan to be away for a while, and the area you live in is known for really long power outages, you can even get a system that can send you a text or an email to let you know that the power is out. This text or email only serves as a warning so that you know that you may need to return home to turn on your generator if you have one.

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