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Hatteras Island HVAC RepairHomeowners throughout the gorgeous Outer Banks area know how important having heating and cooling (especially cooling!) is for their property. HVAC systems installed on Hatteras Island are not only responsible for maintaining appropriate indoor air temperature as the seasons change, these units can also provide money saving benefits as well! As a heating and cooling system accounts for over half of a property’s total energy costs, a well-maintained HVAC system is a key part of keeping residents safe, reducing utility bills and helping the environment!

Regular HVAC maintenance has significant value:

  • Lessen the overall cost of energy and utility bills.
  • Obtain a property’s optimal energy efficiency.
  • Keep your system’s workload well-balanced.
  • Reduce the number of malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Enjoy your HVAC system’s long life cycle with several years of hassle-free service.

When is the right time to replace my HVAC system?

Although it may seem obvious, HVAC systems are designed to perform two main functions: disperse air conditioning to cool a house down, while also providing heat to warm it up. The only way to guarantee the comfort of those inside a property is through regular HVAC maintenance by trusted Hatteras Island contractors. By staying on top of necessary repairs, a homeowner can keep their HVAC system working properly at all times and save money at the same time! Working with an experienced Hatteras Island HVAC service expert can not only ease the repair process, but be helpful in determining whether the unit needs to be replaced

After 15 years of controlling the heating and cooling of Hatteras Island homes, a HVAC system is likely on its last leg and will soon need replacement. Even the best maintained units will eventually cease to work properly thanks to gradual wear and tear, ultimately reducing the indoor air quality and potentially resulting in higher energy bills.

Sometimes, the cost of reoccurring repairs can exceed the price of installing a newer and more modern unit. A knowledgeable Hatteras Island HVAC professional will be able to determine whether a system should be replaced, saving the homeowner both stress and money in the the process.

In addition to the fantastic financial benefits, replacing an inefficient HVAC system can greatly improve the health and safety of you, your family, and vacation rental tenants as well. Wear and tear over the course of several years can cause heating and cooling systems to malfunction, dispersing dirty air. This is hazardous as unfiltered air could result in respiratory problems and other health issues, while presenting the danger for Carbon Monoxide poisoning as well.

It’s important to pick the right HVAC unit.

After many years of experience working with homeowners on Hatteras Island, Air Handlers OBX knows very well that installing a new HVAC system (or even making repairs) is a major but important investment. With the knowledge that replacement can be stressful, our experienced technicians make it a priority to assist clients through every step of the process. From the initial consultation to installation, Air Handlers OBX will help a homeowner analyze all of their options before picking the HVAC system that fits their property’s needs and budget.

No matter the reasons behind HVAC replacement, a Hatteras Island homeowner should consider what sort of fuel the system uses; how efficient it promises to be; the level of comfort it will provide; and any other unique characteristics of the system before purchase and installation.

Call your Hatteras Island HVAC provider for a free service consultation today.

Air Handlers OBX has been a trusted business with roots in the Hatteras Island area for many years. Because of our local roots, our experienced HVAC contractors always make customers the top priority. Our company is proud to only employ the most highly-trained and certified repair and replacement professionals to serve our Hatteras Island clients. The skilled experts at Air Handlers can guide homeowners through the installation process form start to finish; every client will have the chance to analyze all of their options before making an informed decision. Our Hatteras Island HVAC contractors are so devoted to customer satisfaction that we invite homeowners to take advantage of our FREE consultation option. Don’t wait to reach out to Air Handlers OBX at 252-491-8637 to find out how we can help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient; you can’t afford not to!

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